Why India cannot produce movies like Avengers


Bollywood vs Hollywood

If you are avengers fan and you are also living in India than you may be keen to know why Indian cinema(Bollywood) is not producing movies like avengers.

These following may be possible reasons for it :-

1) Less Budget  of bollywood producers

Low budget of Bollywood movies

Do you know what is budget of avengers movie ?

It is 22 crore USD . It is equal to 15400000000 rupees. It is one thousand five hundred fourty crores Indian rupees.

Yes it is surprising but it is true also.

Even all Bollywood movies released in 2017  combined have less budget than avengers infinity war.

The most expensive Bollywood movie is robot 2.0 whose budget is around 400 crores Indian rupees.

Now you may ask why Bollywood movie budgets are so less as compared to Hollywood movies?

One reason is that Hollywood movies are released worldwide and get good response  and thus more earning and more budget is available but Bollywood movies just started releasing abroad thus they need time to establish there.

Other reason is that cost of producing movies is higher in USA as compared to India. In USA income is more as well as cost is more.

2) Star is more preferred in India to choose which movie to watch.

Stars are preferred to choose which film to watch


Big name actors, we will follow them mindlessly and worship them insanely. Regardless of their merit. These fans think they are above and beyond reproach .

Salman for example, the only decent movie he has done in the last decade is Bhajrangi Bhaijan. Shah Rukh, hasn’t done a good movie since Chak De and My Name is Khan .

Senseless and logic less movies like kick, Race 3, Sultan is also earning huge than why Bollywood will make efforts on producing good movies.

On the other hand awesome pictures like  special26, OMG,padman, gabbar is back had not even crossed 100 crores club than why will producers produce like these movies.


3)  producers Focus on actors not on script and direction and storyline.

Stars are preferred to choose which film to watch

While producing movies in India producers don’t focus on script and direction but they just focus on actors.

They don’t need story like Dangal and gold they just need actor salman khan in lead role which will fetch them money because star power is reason for success of film in  India hence movies like Avengers are not produced in India.


If we need movies like Avengers than we need to change ourselves first and start showing respect to good movie’s not to stardom .

Only then Bollywood will be able to produced movies like Avengers.



Why Samsung and AppleMobiles Are Expensive

Samsung and Apple are expensive

Samsung and Apple are expensive

Samsung and Apple mobiles as we all know are more expensive than its competitors . Other brands provides similar featured phones at very less price.

The reasons for higher price of Samsung and apple are:-

1)Samsung and Apple spend on Research and Development:-

Samsung and Apple spend on research and development

How research and development makes product expensive?

OK let us discuss.


Which company launched first touchscreen mobile?

The answer is Samsung.

Which company at first bring notch display to its phones?

It is none other than apple.

These are just few example so that you can understand that most of the research are done by Samsung and Apple and other companies like Redmi, oppo,vivo just copy Samsung and Apple.

For Research and development programmes these companies like apple and Samsung have to incurred huge amounts.


Samsung has the third largest Research and development expenditure in the world.

Samsung spend nearly 14 billion U.S. dollars on research and development in 2014.

In year  2016, Apple spent 10.07 billion U.S. dollars on research and development.

Other companies don’t spend on research and development they just copy apple and Samsung design and specification thus there phones are cheaper.

2) Fame and Market leadership makes Apple and Samsung products expensive.

Samsung and Apple are reputed brands.

Apple and Samsung  products are expensive because they are well established brands. They have attained market leadership.

Apple and Samsung have huge fame and establishment .

People have trust on their product’s. So, Apple and Samsung take benefit of their reputation by charging more than unestablished brands like Redmi, oppo, vivo ,Sony etc.

Brands like Redmi , oppo etc. are new and they don’t have that trust of people hence they have to charge low price otherwise no one will purchase there Mobile’s.

Sony does that mistake by charging higher price like Samsung and Apple but Sony is not established as Samsung and Apple hence sales of Sony mobiles decreases to large extent.

3)Taxation Makes   Apple and Samsung product Expensive

Apple pay high taxes

Apple company products are most expensive in India because our government charge huge taxes on them.

Iphones are about 30-40% more expensive in India as compared to us .

Apple paid about 11% custom duty to government of India .

IPhone x price in us dollars and other currencies.

India  Rs 89,000  $1390
China 8,388 yuan  $1283
UAE  4,099 UAE Dirham  $1115
US $999  $999

Apple and Samsung Charges more price than others, so does it mean that there product are more good?

Apple and Samsung products may be more expensive but it don’t mean that there product are more good than other companies. You can buy product of any company they are equally efficient.

Companies like Redmi, Lenovo etc. are making quality product and also takes care of your pocket.

Hence we can conclude that you can buy any product which have good specification .


Fixed Deposit in Bank is Good or Bad as Investment

Fixed Deposits,good or bad

Most of the people think F.D. is best way to increase money. Let us find it is true or not.

Fixed Deposits In Bank Are Good Or Bad As Investment.

Fixed Deposits,good or bad

FD (Fixed Deposits) are very popular and old way to invest your money.

But you will be surprised to know that you are bearing loss if you invest your money in FD(fixed deposits) in banks.

People prefer FD because it is non risky and thus it is safe but still it is not good  for investing your precious money because:-

1) High Inflation rates in India.

Inflation ,inflation rate

In India Inflation rates are very high.  On paper it is about 5%. But it is for a huge variety of goods and services in which many are useless to normal people like inflation in price of expensive cars like Audi,BMD etc. are useless to many normal people. The actual inflation rate of essential goods is about 9-10% .It means that in an year essential goods become expensive by9-10% (petrol and diesel price is good example) but interest rate of FD is only 7-8%. It means you bear loss of around 1-3% if you invest in FD .


2) Taxability of interest earned on FD .


The interest we earn from FD we further have to give tax on that interest earned.

If you pay 10% tax than you have to pay 10% tax on interest earned from FD per year. Same with other category of tax payers. If you earn 1000 rupees from  interest on FD per year and suppose you pay 10% tax  than you get 100 rupees deducted from rupees 1000. Means you get only rupees 900.

If you pay 30% tax than than 300 rupees will be deducted and you get only 700 rupees.


3) If FD Is Bad Option Than Where To Invest Money:-

Mutual funds,crytptocurrency
Money control.com


FD is bad option for investment. But don’t worry there are better options available. Mutual Funds are gaining huge popularity these days where you can earn 10-19% interest or even more than it.

Cryptocurrency  is an other option which may be highly risky but you can earn tremendous amount of money in short span. As risk is high thus income is even higher. These are bitcoin ,jiocoin etc. You may have heard how tremendous people earn from bitcoin.

finally where should one invest:-

if you are young ,energetic and risky than you can invest in cryptocurrency  and mutual funds as they are risky ,unsafe and no guarantee of return but if you are old aged person than you must go for FD as it provides you guarantee of return and thus it is safe and not risky.

FD is best for retired person.