How to reduce weight fast without gym

How to reduce weight fast without gym: 5 easy steps scientifically proven.


Here are simple 5 steps to reduce weight:

1)Jogging or running.


Jogging or running is the best way to reduce weight fast. In initial months you should do jogging than after few months you can start running. On first day do jogging how much your body allow happily. The secret for success is that after every week you should add some jogging distance.

In only one month you can reduce about 4-5 kg.

2) Drink about 8-10 glasses of water daily.

If you are 14+ age than you must drink about 8-10 glasses of water daily. Within a month you will see its positive effects.

It will not only reduce weight but also improve digestion so,make habit of drinking more water. Water is also good for skin.

3)Eat Healthy:

You will get benefit of jogging only when you eat healthy. Give up fast food like burger,pizza etc.

But don’t starve yourself. Eat how much your body want means you can take calories but from healthy foods like fruits,milk,vegetables etc. For a healthy life stop eating fast food.

If you really want to reduce weight you have to give up fast food.

4)Focus more on health than reducing weight: 

You should set goals for becoming  healthy not for reducing weight.

As you become healthier your weight automatically starts decreasing. Don’t think much about your weight otherwise you will become tensed. Focus on becoming more healthy.

5) Be Confident

Be confident and believe that you can achieve your goals of reducing weight and becoming healthy. Read motivational stories like stories of legends like Bruce Lee, John Cena, Virat Kohli, John Abrahim ,Tiger Shroff and other fitness motivators. Believe it ,if you believe in yourself you can easily become healthy and you can easily reduce weight.

All the best for your healthy life.